SURTRONĀ® HP can be used to simultaneously perform monopolar and bipolar surgery in application fields which require high precision and reliability.

Double Activity 'Operating
  • Two output channels for monopolar cutting
  • Two independent setting and output channels for monopolar coagulation more frequently
Controlled Cutting Procedures
  • Cutting currents intensified for eschar free incision
  • Cutting current with selectable coagulating property for bleeding controlled dissection
  • Low capacitive coupling by current endoscopic procedures Slow BLEND
Double Procedures Coagulation Subsidiaries
  • SPEEDY * Coagulation and Coagulation DEEP ** available to two operators
  • Spray coagulation obtained with handpiece or pedal

  • Bipolar cutting current with selectable bleeding control
  • Cutting current Slow BLEND
  • Start and Stop automatic coagulation activated separately
  • Acceptability of the impedance between the patient's body contact and neutral plate constantly checked electronically dalcontrollo Skin Plate Electronic Control (SPEC)
  • Continuous radio frequency leakage current monitoring
  • Change in automatically compensated mains voltage before start of the radio frequency power delivery
  • Independent choice of coagulation currents and power levels of each of the two operators
  • Ten configurable personal procedures and immediately recallable
  • outputs for connections driven argon plasma units and smoke aspirator
  • Automatic diagnostic control of the actual complete electronic drive functionality and accessories connected and coded report of found failures
  • * Coagulation SPEEDY is also called Fulgurate or forced
    coagulation ** DEEP is also called Pin Point, or Dessicate Soft