SunLED Examination Light provides a cool LED light with shadow-free illumination and pre-selectable color temperature (3,500 / 4,000) to use in GYN, dermatology, orthopaedy, E.N.T., dentistry, outpatient clinic and general examination rooms. Thanks to the excellent performance of CRI and R9, SunLED allows medical staff to easily perceive the subtle, unadulterated detail and contrast between adjoining tissues. The SunLED lighthead is equipped with a sterile handle for adjusting the direction of light easily and quickly. The lighting control knob (SunLED 300) or touch panel (SunLED 600) is located at the side of the lighthead, which allows the user to turn the light ON/OFF and adjust the intensity.

The high performance LED provides excellent optical features for medical applications. The compact design of SunLED is suitable to use in any medical environments.Light configurations including mobile, mobile with built-in battery, wall mount and ceiling mount can be purchased based on customer’s needs.

MediLED produces an abundant, clear and even light field. The light pattern can be easily adjusted using a motorized control to every kind of surgical procedure and operating room environment. MediLED is able to maintain a consistent light intensity at distances of 70 cm to 150 cm.

MediLED creates a uniform light cylinder that can reach and illuminate various depths in any ound area. This deep cavity light illumination and light homogeneity features are MediLED’s superior advantages to compete at the world-class level. An innovative focus adjustment system can focus light from the 7 petals onto one spot to form a clear, abundant, even field of brilliance on the surgical area.

The MediLED Duet Surgical Light with LED lighting source provides cool light, shadow-free illumination and nature white light for surgeries.

Each lighthead is supported with arms systems; this will let you position the lightheads perfectly in order to maximize the surrounding space, allowing the medical staff to maneuver easily without obstructing the lighting.

The compact design of MediLED Duet surgical light is a superior alternative to traditional two-headed lighting systems and is especially suitable for multiple clinical practices such as oral surgeries, dental procedures, dental implant practices, plastic surgeries, ENT and general surgeries. 

The ingenious design of the MediLED Solo Surgical light shatters the boundaries of traditional medical lighting. It is a mobile surgical/examination light which can be easily positioned in almost any medical setting. It is perfect for clinical practice, emergency medicine, gynecology and most outpatient surgical units. Its space saving design allows you to fit it into tight spaces, easily integrated with other floor items including beds, diagnostic equipment, carts, and monitors.
The MediLED Solo has a stainless steel mayo tray for carrying medical instruments and a basket for treatment material. It has a MediLED 6 lighthead that is supported by a slim and curve stand to get close to lighting area without obstructions. The MediLED Solo is designed as a cart with cart handle, making it convenient to transport and ideal for making the rounds in a larger medical facility.

SlimLED Plus offers cool, natural white light and shadow-free illumination to the surgical field thanks to its high-efficiency light-emitting diodes (LEDs).

The system’s consistent color temperature of 4,300K along with a CRI value of 95 and an R9 value of 95 helps surgeons to distinguish every subtle shade of tissue color. Each SlimLED Plus lighthead delivers maximum 160,000 lux high intensity optimizing deep cavity illuminations.6 LEDs arrayed in between the two semi-circular lighthead modules works as ambient lighting during minimally invasive surgery (MIS). Vertical focal length is preset at 3 different distances, allowing the system to meet various surgical needs. Light intensity is adjustable at 8 dimming levels from 40,000 lux to 160,000 lux.

The ultra-compact, oval-shape lighthead of SlimLED provides more workspace for the surgeon. It delivers the most stunning optical performance with the slimmest shape (6.5 cm at thickest point). SlimLED is lightweight and could be installed in minutes with less manpower, making the installation process an easy task.

SlimLED renders genuine colors (CRI=95) and true red tones (R9 value=95). Deep-cavity illumination remains consistent with shadow-free lighting standards. Ambient lighting is also available. The user can easily use the touch buttons on the control panel to adjust the electrical lighting focus control, intensity and lighting on/off. The homogeneous light cylinder can be adapted to various working distances to accommodate surgeon preferences and various surgical needs. The electrical lighting focus control (ELFC) is designed for 3 difference modes (Near Focus, Middle Focus and Tele Focus) for user application.

Optical Excellence with OSRAM Lighting Guarantee
A Light Source That Distinguishes Various Skin Tones

ORLEDprovides high quality and safe light source by using the most advanced light emitting module LED array technology. This high performance LED light source module is launched by Mediland in cooperation with OSRAM, which is certified by German laboratory. ORLEDguarantees not only R9 performance, in addition, it emphasizes on the index of R13 (Skin Europe) and R15 (Skin Asia) which enhances the eyes´ sensitivity towards body tissue discrimination on various skin tones.

Excellent Depth of Illumination

Thanks to the patenteddoublereflector designedby Mediland, we obtain a glare free and showdown diluted beam profile. MeetsPhotobiological Safety Standard. ORLED provides a protected and friendly environment in OR lighting.  With ORLED lighting solution, surgeons can now focus more on the surgery’s conditions than the possible eyes conditions caused by certain harmful LED rays.

Compact Design and Ease of Use The

light head is light weighted for convenient daily positioning, easy maneuverability and relocation. ORLED can be operated through the intuitive control panel and IR remote controller. The simple and elegant appearance will certainly fit your conventional OR.

The MediLED3 Examination Light delivers consistent color temperature of 4300K with CRI of 95, R9 95: this helps reveal the maximum perception of true tissue colors and makes the light one of the best LED examination lamp in the market.

Each MediLED3 lighthead is equipped with a turntable sterile handle which allows focus adjustable between 160mm~200mm. A Lighting Control Knob located at side of lighthead gimbals allows the user to turn the light ON/OFF and adjust the intensity easily. Clean and simple design of the light serves all diagnostic needs.

The MediLED1 Examination Light delivers consistent color temperature of 4,300K with CRI of 95, R9 95: this helps reveal the maximum perception of true tissue colors and makes the light one of the best LED examination lamp in the market.

The MediLED1 lighthead is equipped with a sterile handle, with which the surgeon can adjust the direction of light easily and quickly.A Lighting Control Knob located at side of lighthead gimbals allows the user to turn the light ON/OFF and adjust the intensity easily. Clean and simple design of the light serves all diagnostic needs.

The MediLux600 ceiling mounted series surgical light provides cool, shadow reduced, color corrected illumination appropriate for installation in all different surgical suites, including standard O.R. and laminar air circulation O.R. The optional external camera video system provides the teaching, filing and telemedical for all different surgical procedures.

MediLux600 provides the following advanced features
Optimal brightness

the intensity can be regulated by the control box beside the lighthead or by the remote control.

Natural colors

MediLux600 provides color correction to 4250±250°K at a high color rendering index
(C.R.I.) over 93. The patent optical system keeps the color temperature and C.R.I. from
decline after long-time use.

Superior shadowless control and cavity illumination

MediLux600’s revolutionary patent optical system not only minimizes the operators’
shadow projection but clearly renders details of the operating cut.

Cool light

The heat absorbing glasses with specially formulated optical coating efficiently remove
The most of unwanted heat from the operating site by filtering out the infrared rays.

Continuous light
The automatic lamp changeover function provides a fail-soft lighting in the event of primary
lamp failure.

WiCam combines high quality camera with wireless technology. Surgeons can now record more accurate and clear videos of surgical procedure through its Full HD image quality. With WiCam’s full 360 degrees rotation, medical staff won’t miss any angle in the OR. It creates better demonstration video for surgical teaching and training purposes thanks to its wireless technology. To increase efficiency, surgical support team can see live surgery even though they are away from the operating room. Without wire limitation, you can transfer video to any screen easily via Wi-Fi up to a distance of 25 meters. Hands-free wireless connection also reduces the risk of infection in the OR. WiCam will deliver the satisfaction you need.

Key Features of WiCam
  • Full HD 1080P video, 10X optical focus
  • WHDI 5.0GHz Wifi Wireless technology; up to 25m transmitting distance
  • Without wiring limitations, the suspension arm can rotate 360 degrees for operational use
  • Video can be displayed on any screen with easy setup
  • Transmitted to display with zero latency
  • Upgradable for all Mediland surgical light series