SlimLED Plus offers cool, natural white light and shadow-free illumination to the surgical field thanks to its high-efficiency light-emitting diodes (LEDs).

The system’s consistent color temperature of 4,300K along with a CRI value of 95 and an R9 value of 95 helps surgeons to distinguish every subtle shade of tissue color. Each SlimLED Plus lighthead delivers maximum 160,000 lux high intensity optimizing deep cavity illuminations.6 LEDs arrayed in between the two semi-circular lighthead modules works as ambient lighting during minimally invasive surgery (MIS). Vertical focal length is preset at 3 different distances, allowing the system to meet various surgical needs. Light intensity is adjustable at 8 dimming levels from 40,000 lux to 160,000 lux.

Optical Excellence with OSRAM Lighting Guarantee
A Light Source That Distinguishes Various Skin Tones

ORLEDprovides high quality and safe light source by using the most advanced light emitting module LED array technology. This high performance LED light source module is launched by Mediland in cooperation with OSRAM, which is certified by German laboratory. ORLEDguarantees not only R9 performance, in addition, it emphasizes on the index of R13 (Skin Europe) and R15 (Skin Asia) which enhances the eyes´ sensitivity towards body tissue discrimination on various skin tones.

Excellent Depth of Illumination

Thanks to the patenteddoublereflector designedby Mediland, we obtain a glare free and showdown diluted beam profile. MeetsPhotobiological Safety Standard. ORLED provides a protected and friendly environment in OR lighting.  With ORLED lighting solution, surgeons can now focus more on the surgery’s conditions than the possible eyes conditions caused by certain harmful LED rays.

Compact Design and Ease of Use The

light head is light weighted for convenient daily positioning, easy maneuverability and relocation. ORLED can be operated through the intuitive control panel and IR remote controller. The simple and elegant appearance will certainly fit your conventional OR.