• Automatic measurement and adjustment of cuff pressure
  • Reduced risk of ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP) and tracheal injuries
  • Easy and intuitive operation
  • for critical care, interhospital transport, and anesthesia
Ensuring optimal cuff pressure and patient safety

Continuously optimized and controlled cuff pressure supports ventilation therapy and protects your patients from VAP and tracheal injuries – whether you use IntelliCuff during air transport with quickly changing ambient pressure, or in the operating room for N2O narcosis or laparoscopic abdominal surgery.
IntelliCuff is developed by Hamilton Medical and designed for immediate use; no calibration is required. It operates in a wide but still safe range of desired cuff pressures for various cuffed endotracheal tubes to provide suitable solutions for various clinical situations. You just set the desired cuff pressure, which is then maintained automatically.

The IntelliCuff pressure controller continuously measures and automatically adjusts the cuff pressure during mechanical ventilation of adults, pediatrics, and neonates using a cuffed endotracheal tube or tracheostomy.

In critical situations, you can increase the cuff pressure for a user-defined period of time to secure the airway and avoid aspiration or unintended extubation; for example, in case of vomiting, repositioning of the tube, or changes in patient positioning.

IntelliCuff permanently measures the set cuff pressure with two sensors working independently. In the event of a damaged cuff, the device generates an alarm while simultaneously attempting to maintain the desired cuff pressure..

A large-scale display and convenient interaction buttons make adjusting and verifying settings easy. All important data is visible at all times – operation is absolutely intuitive.

IntelliCuff generates an alarm when a leaking cuff or disconnected tubing is detected, as well as in cases of excessive pressure, low battery, or a technical fault. When appropriate, you can also silence some alarms while you remedy the situation.

IntelliCuff deflates the cuff on command and supports safe extubation. As soon as the current and target pressures are at zero, the patient can be extubated.

The IntelliCuff disposable tubing developed by Hamilton Medical is designed to fit the Luer connector on a variety of cuffed tubes. The shut-off valve prevents loss of cuff pressure in case of an accidental disconnection between the device and the tubing.

A small fact with big impact – the IntelliCuff is maintenance free and power is easy to come by. The device uses rechargeable standard AA batteries, which can be charged via USB interface or with the included power adapter.

The Hamilton Medical IntelliCuff pressure controller is prepared for every transport situation. It secures airway management in Intensive Care Units, operating rooms, and during transport. You can use the device during air transport even at higher altitudes.

Different interfaces to all commonly used accessory rails allow for a fast mounting of IntelliCuff in the desired area – just with a simple click.