Electric pump door & anti-free-flow clamp
Voice conversation

Unique double alarm indications ensure double safety
More accurate

Patented driving system
16-subdivided motor driving technology

Power supply AC 100-240 V Built-in battery(5 hours for continues working)
Applicable infusion sets All disposable infusion sets in compliance with ISO 8536-4
Infusion mode Speed mode, drop quantity mode, time mode, weight mode, and multi-rate mode
Infusion speed range 0.1-1200.0mL/h, with the minimum increment of 0.1 mL/h
Infusion accuracy ±5%
Occlusion level and range Three levels are supported. The pressure range is 200-1100 mmHg.

Modular design
Electric pump door & anti-free-flow clamp
Internal Wifi module
Cutomized calibration


Unique double alarm indications ensure double safety

More Accurate

Patented driving system
Patented driving system 16-subdivided motor driving technology

Intelligent relay infusion mode: auto-continuous infusion Plug-in and modular design: 2-15 channels, flexible for clinical needs
Information Network:

with internal Wifi module, connected to the infusion central monitoring system, or CIS/ HIS system

Plug & Play design:
without any tool, remove or plug single pump within 3 seconds
Space management:
only one power cord for all the pumps; all of the infusion tubes are held by the tube managing clamps
Synchronous alarm:
a single pump and the SCU alarms at the same time

  • Software can be installed on a desktop or portable computer
  • The syringe pumps, infusion pumps, and Infusion Workstation can be remotely monitored in wireless mode. Maximum 250 beds’ pumps can be remotely monitored
  • Parameters are monitored, including patient information, running parameters of syringe and infusion pumps, and alarms of syringe and infusion pumps
  • The bell and voice calls are supported between the syringe/infusion pump and the Infusion Workstation
  • The function of looking up patient information is supported
  • Historical event records can be looked up, backed up, imported, and printed
  • The three-level (high, mediate, and low) audible and visible alarm function is supported
  • The reliable and stable data encryption and redundancy technologies are adopted
  • Control operation is not performed on the connected syringe, infusion, and composite pumps to ensure safety of infusion